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Plan-A Business Plan & Financing Software v7.0

MSRP: $99.95. Dealers may sell for less.
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"Why do I need a business plan?" challenged the entrepreneur

"To help you create wealth," ventured the investor.

"To help you reduce risk," contributed the lender.

"To help you operate successfully," advised the consultant.

"Okay," agreed the entrepreneur wisely, "but why should I use Plan-A software?"

"Because only Plan-A makes it fill-in-the-blanks easy to create a professional business plan, including a targeted marketing plan and 5-year financials, and gives you the following five--count them, FIVE--valuable Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1: A Free password to ICBB Database of Financiers, where you can find financiers,

Bonus #2: A Free bulletin in ICBB "Financing Wanted" Database, where financiers can find you,

Bonus #3: A Free Ad in ICBB Marketplace -- to help find customers and contacts,

Bonus #4: A Free software, Plan-A Ad & Publicity Plan, which helps you reach your customers successfully using marketing communications like the pros,

Bonus #5: A Free book, HOW TO THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR by Michael B. Shane, hailed as a visionary entrepreneur by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Time magazine."

"Wow!" wowed the entrepreneur, "that's a lot of value for $99.95 or less. But how do I know Plan-A software is best?"

"Don't take our word for it," said ICBB," read what experts and users say:"

"The results are consistently fantastic.
So many great ideas and so easy to use.
Plan-A earns an A+"
Dr. Gary Schornack,
Business School Faculty,
University of Colorado at Denver

"This innovative software...forces the user to think through a wide range of strategy, marketing and financial issues that are often ignored and [if ignored] sink many budding enterprises. Three cheers for Plan-A, which is A-1 in our view."

Peter R. Johnson, Director,
The Dobson Centre For Entrepreneurial Studies,
McGill University

"Plan-A is worth its weight in gold"

Ted Cleaver, President,
Computer Wise Management, Inc.

"I'm sold," said the entrepreneur, "where can I get Plan-A?"

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